This is a little experiment I want to do. It will be in spanish, but for those who want to try it out, please feel free to participate.

Write a sentence you wish to see decorated with Mexican (and a couple of Spanish) swear words. Any sentence.
I will translate it and I will try to add all the cuss words I can think of, without taking coherence out of the word.


Sentence "I don't know a thing"

Translation "Yo no se nada"

Cuss Sentence  "Yo no se ni un puto carajo, chinga"

Translated Cuss Sentence "I don't know a fucking shit, damn"

For those who know spanish, notice how the phrase keeps the original intent. I didn't add anything that sounds out of place, and the sentence flows easily, almost like a song.

Now, for those who speak english. The sentence may have changed a little, but I'm not as familiar with swearing in English as I am in Spanish, so if you want to add a cuss word or correct something, just do it.

Let's go, give me sentences.
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( Jun. 8th, 2010 12:36 pm)
Have I ever mentioned that the latin dub for Hercules had Ricky Martin as Hercules himself?
I mean, I love the guy (Ricky and Hercules) but I find it hilarious. Specially now that in my mind Hercules is gay.

Anyway, have him singing:

And talking, because I find it hilarious.

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( Apr. 6th, 2010 11:23 am)
In that case, I may have something to share. In spanish of course.
Morir es retirarse, hacerse a un lado,
ocultarse un momento, estarse quieto,
pasar el aire de una orilla a nado
y estar en todas partes en secreto.

Morir es olvidar, ser olvidado,
refugiarse desnudo en el discreto
calor de Dios, y en su cerrado
puño, crecer igual que un feto.

Morir es encenderse bocabajo
hacia el humo y el hueso y la caliza
y hacerse tierra y tierra con trabajo.

Apagarse es morir, lento y aprisa,
tomar la eternidad como a destajo
y repartir el alma en la ceniza.

Jaime Sabines



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