Since Mexican schools aren't exactly divided as "Midschool and Highschool" I'll just consider it the same thing.
I'd say my worst experience was being harassed by three really perverted guys who would touch me everytime I was distracted and call me really rude things and shit like that.
Solved that pretty quick though, so it was a short experience.   (I resorted to violence if you're wondering how I get rid of those guys, I'm not exactly proud, but things like that happen).

Also, my abusive ex boyfriend, but that's a whole different story.
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Well...that's a good one.

At first I thought about saying something between the lines of "Twilight, and any other book written by Stephanie Meyer."
However that would have been incredibly childish, because really I just hate the thing. However it involves young people with literature (In a very mediocre way that is) and this can evolve into something deeper, some sort of "I liked this book, therefore I'll read more, from other authors" (That's me, trying to express myself in english)

After a while I decided that, I would never ban a book from a high school library, I do believe that there are books more appropriate than others for certain ages, but I also believe this kind of guide, of what kids are allowed to read is somehow a problem. Sure, everyone wants the best for the kids, but when that involves burying them in the ignorance regarding sexuality, for example, is just wrong.

I'm talking, of course, as a Mexican here. And, as everyone must know, Mexicans don't read, as simple as that. The average Mexican reads less than a book per year (Less than a book! Dear God, I want to cry every time I hear that) therefore banning some sort of books from a high school library would be not only stupid, but unnecessary, after all, kids don't read.

That's what takes me back to the Meyer stuff. Twilight is getting a lot of fans, and yes, the thing (Not book, never book) is mediocre at it's best, but people read it, which is good after all, certainly not the best reading to start with, but well, every little bit counts.

Which is the whole point of the story, I think the answer would be not only not to ban a single book, but to allow kids to get to know good books in simpler ways. Somehow start a program for young readers, giving them simple books with good content and allowing them to make their own mind about the things they read, you know, critical reading!!

I would be careful with books regarding love though. I have nothing against love, but I do believe that filling the mind of young readers with ideas so romanticized is wrong, but that's just me, mind you, I hate Romeo and Juliet for the same reason.

As a conclusion I want to say that, no, you just can't ban a book, it's a horrible and cruel idea, what we should do is teach young readers how to recognize a good book from a bad one, again, critical thinking and reading.
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Hell no.

I enjoy a good laugh once in a while, and when I say once in a while is almost every ten minutes. Yet, if I don't find something funny then I just won't laugh, period.
If it's a friend, I'll probably mock them for it and then I will laugh, if it's family, exactly the same.
How about a teacher? I won't mock them, but I won't laugh, I'll probably just stare and stare, try to force a polite smile. Trust me, they understand. You don't have to try to be nice to everyone, it makes you sick after a while.

I wouldn't say I love you to anyone, words...are words, and I really don't care about words. I mean I love them, but sometimes words are nothing compared to an action, and to show that to the people I love is what I do and care about, so, saying it wouldn't mean anything for me.

As for "I'm sorry" No, not at all. I haven't caused harm to anyone with that intention, most of the time is because I wasn't carefull enough with my words, but really, in this life we can suffer and we learn from that, so, saying I'm sorry? Forget it.
I'll probably say that to my parents, they would be so sad...But really, I can't be sorry about my own death, I mean, it wasn't my fault was it?

At the end, I can say, honestly now: I regret nothing.
[Error: unknown template qotd]Like for writing? Some sexy underwear, and I dance. Or sometimes I don't wear undies at all.

If I will be out though, then I'll use some badass boots and pretty comfortable clothes.



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