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( Jun. 19th, 2010 11:15 pm)

This is the story.

I have cats, four cats, and as I'm sure you know, cats reproduce.
A lot.

What we do in my family (and have been doing it since always) is keep the kittens until they are big enough to give away, then we search for nice houses and owners and just give them as gifts. This means that occasionally there will be little furballs waltzing around my house, and I get to take pictures.

It's a hard task 'cause the little critters won't stop moving, but it's pretty fun, and "awww" worthy.
The Xoloescuintle is a native Mexican dog, just like the Chihuahua...(Well not like the Chihuauha, those are smaller and actually have hair) Let's call this dog Xolo from now on, because writing the name is complicated. Well, the Xolo was a mystical animal. People believed this dogs helped souls to reach the other word. Also...This dogs have no hair. Yes...I happen to find this dogs pretty, or at least funny. Not only that, but this dogs are quite calm and nice to people...at least people they know. They can be pretty agressive around strangers, a good guard dog. A Xolo...gone Punk. ) A Puppy )
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( Dec. 14th, 2009 09:26 am)
Nothing beats waking up to the hysteric screams of a woman that keeps yelling "The Cat Is Dead" "The Cat is Dead" while knocking at your door.

Trust me.

Anyway, yes, there was a dead cat, but luckily it wasn't mine. It just happened to be "La Mugrosa" or "The Dirty". A stray cat who ate and slept outside a window of my house. Which prompted my mother to call her "La gata de la ventana" Or "The Window Cat"

The Dirty is now dead. I've just finished picking and packing the body and washing all the blood (There was a lot). Now we just need to see where we are going to bury her.

So, there's that. Since I've seen a lot of cats and dogs and other animals die since I was really young, I'm getting better at just cleaning the scene and leaving everything like new (Except the dead animal of course)

Well...That's all.
If you ever want to have a Chihuahua or know someone who has one please keep this in mind
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Chihuahuas are dogs, not toys. That means they need to move. If you keep them in a bag the whole damn they then three things will happen.

1- It's legs will be crooked and it won't be able to walk.
2- It's blood pressure will go to the roof.
3- It'll die.

Those things are tiny, that's the reason their metabolism is so fast, they need to move, they need to run and to attack everything they see.

A healthy Chihuahua will be seen running around everywhere, jumping and barking. A healthy Chihuahua doesn't live in bags.

Really I own one (Used to own two, but one died). Her name is Chalupa and she joins my father when he walks in the forest. When I join him then I'll see this little tiny white spot running everywhere, climbing cliffs, jumping long distances and all without stopping a second (They don't swim though, I think it has something to do with their ears).

Please, if you want/have a Chihuahua or knows someone who knows remember that the fact that they are small doesn't mean they don't need exercise, actually they need a lot.

Don't pay attention to the tv fashion, Chihuahuas weren't made for bags.

(And no, you can't see Chihuahuas running around Mexico streets, those things are expensive)

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