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( Sep. 6th, 2010 09:07 pm)
The next video is in spanish, but that's okay. If you don't understand spanish just stare at the pretty pictures.

There's a shop not too far from my college. And I have about $200 pesos off from sweatshirts. That's amazing, isn't it?
I think I'm going to visit the shop in a couple of days. There are some amazing things there.
Although I'm just going for the clothes, all the other things they have I can buy even closer, a little cheaper and prettier. Good thing my college is about 10 minutes from one of the oldest cities in Mexico.

This is a little experiment I want to do. It will be in spanish, but for those who want to try it out, please feel free to participate.

Write a sentence you wish to see decorated with Mexican (and a couple of Spanish) swear words. Any sentence.
I will translate it and I will try to add all the cuss words I can think of, without taking coherence out of the word.


Sentence "I don't know a thing"

Translation "Yo no se nada"

Cuss Sentence  "Yo no se ni un puto carajo, chinga"

Translated Cuss Sentence "I don't know a fucking shit, damn"

For those who know spanish, notice how the phrase keeps the original intent. I didn't add anything that sounds out of place, and the sentence flows easily, almost like a song.

Now, for those who speak english. The sentence may have changed a little, but I'm not as familiar with swearing in English as I am in Spanish, so if you want to add a cuss word or correct something, just do it.

Let's go, give me sentences.
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( May. 18th, 2010 12:47 am)
I think there has been an earthquake somewhere relatively close to my city or just in the same tectonic plate or some shit like that, because I awoke to my room shaking. Twice.

Either it did shake or I had quite an action packed dream, because fuck! That was creepy (But I've got three dogs, dogs should bark at this kind of things, right?)

Anyway, I'm going back to sleep, see if I can get any.
Man, I hadn't laughed that much in a while.

So, I was eating with my family in a big, chain restaurant here in Mexico when I find this on the menu.

"Tamales Downy"

I stared and stared at the title, trying to understand what in hell where the Tamales Downy when my sister just points out at a commercial on the television while saying something about "being an ass".
I turn around and see how the "Tamales Downy" are cooked...by people with down syndrome.

For a while I just gaped at the title thinking just how inappropriate and offensive that sounded, and then I just started laughing hysterically.

Really? "Tamales Downy"?  I have no fucking idea what they where thinking...
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( Feb. 21st, 2010 01:43 pm)
Stop it, just stop it already.

What is wrong with you people? I know Hellboy and The Punisher are interesting, manly, popular movies. I get it, and you know what? I actually love both movies.

But is it necessary to play them daily? Really?

I mean, four out of five times I want to see the channel, you are playing one of those...And to make things worse, sometimes the local channel (Canal 5) is playing it as well, at the same time than Golden and HBO.

Seriously people, don't you get tired?

I DO. I love those movies, but there is such thing as "too much"  and you have been doing it for years now.
The Xoloescuintle is a native Mexican dog, just like the Chihuahua...(Well not like the Chihuauha, those are smaller and actually have hair) Let's call this dog Xolo from now on, because writing the name is complicated. Well, the Xolo was a mystical animal. People believed this dogs helped souls to reach the other word. Also...This dogs have no hair. Yes...I happen to find this dogs pretty, or at least funny. Not only that, but this dogs are quite calm and nice to people...at least people they know. They can be pretty agressive around strangers, a good guard dog. A Xolo...gone Punk. ) A Puppy )
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( Dec. 5th, 2009 04:01 pm)
There's something to be said about the fact that when you travel to a different country you get to see very different things. Culture changes and sometimes it clashes, you may found something that is horrible in your country but common in the one you are visiting; That's what happened yesterday.

Read More

And then he smacked him )
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( Dec. 4th, 2009 07:28 pm)

April 30th is the date the movie will be released in Mexico.

Boy I am happy.

I'll try to get in the premier, and if that doesn't happen...well, I'll buy my tickets before everyone else. I mean, it's "Día del Niño" and Friday. It will be crazy.
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( Nov. 26th, 2009 10:52 pm)
I'm positively sure I've just sprained my wrist.

Not that I complain, mind you, it happened during a very fun activity.

Breaking a piñata.

It's been at least five years since the last time I broke one. I happened to miss it a damn lot, so now that I had the opportunity I kicked ass.

The first piñata? I couldn't broke it, but my turn was wild. I beat the crap out of the piñata and then when they were trying to get it away of me I catched the cord and managed to hang of it, just by one hand, while I was beating the piñata with the other.

The second piñata? A guy broke it with a single punch, it was awsome. Also I ran as fast as I could, tossed myself to the ground, wrestled with a guy and then stole almost all the candy.

The third piñata? We broke the stick before the piñata, but then a girl and I started beating the thing at the same time, two sticks are better than one...Yet it was being hard to broke, So I loose my patience and used the other side of my stick (Now a spear) and stabbed the piñata to dead. I stabbed it and then gutted it...
Again, it was awsome. (But I think I sprained my wrist)

The fourth piñata? Three guys started to beat it with three short sticks. It took time, but at the end of it they broke it. Not as awsome, but again I wrestled for candy.

I love piñatas
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( Nov. 17th, 2009 05:30 pm)
I want need this tees
No, really I do
However Marvel seems to be "Too cool" to send stuff outside the USA and Canada.
Well, that sucks
Ctrl+Enter to post

(I'll find a way to get things though, really. Even if I have to travel to the US with the specific purpose of having them)

Iron Man Tee
Marvel Heroes Tee
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( Nov. 14th, 2009 10:55 am)
I rented The 40 year old Virgin.

I watched it without subtitles, because I'm cool like that.

Then my sister arrived and she wanted subtitles.

Somehow the subtitles ended up having nothing to do with the movie.

I mean...Really, nothing.

They were talking about a horse, and somehow in the subtitles there was something about a Chinese.

I mean...really.
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( Nov. 4th, 2009 09:34 pm)
Not broken, thanks god. Just a little swollen. In other news, important ones. I took a photo of an ugly spider today, wich is quite an achievement, because I'm scared shitless of those things. It's a good picture, and I got close enough for it to jump and eat me (Wich didn't happened) Actually I think it's funny, because I was shivering, sweating and almost crying while trying to take the picture, but whatever, I did it.

Ugly Spider Under the Cut )
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( Oct. 30th, 2009 01:40 pm)
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I fought a police officer over my right to enter the bathroom of some private office building shit.

No really. I fought him.

And I won.

But really, when talking about physical needs WHEN YOU HAVE TO GO YOU HAVE TO GO.
Okay, pay attention.

I will explain what I did this weekend in three languages, Spanish, English and Italian.
Now, the spanish one will be the longest and most detailed, also it will have zero to a couple of mistakes.
English will be a little shorter, and it may or may not (I pray for the last one) mistakes.
Italian...well, I tried.

Behold! )

A Quetzal (\ket-ˈsäl, -ˈsal\) was breed in captivity in a zoo in Chiapas. (\chē-ˈä-päs\)

You have no idea how happy that makes me. The Quetzal is one of the most beautifull creatures I've ever seen, and they are in danger.

So, forget Pandas and stuff. The Quetzal is cooler.

Here. This is a Quetzal

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( Sep. 15th, 2009 11:09 pm)
Because I'm too smart to be sad
Here, have some Mariachi )


Adopt one today!Adopt one today!Adopt one today!Adopt one today!

Click those hatchlings, they need to grow!! Rawr! Rawr! 


Frankly?  I couldn’t care less.

Yes. I guess it’s kinda offensive that everyone has an opinion about you based on race, origins, religion or style.

However is something that we allow, and we reinforce, because I’ve seen people bothered about being judged by a stereotype, but they’ll judge others just as well.

And, honestly? Most of the time stereotypes are actually real in some aspects.


You don’t believe me?

You know you are at a SERIOUS Mexican Birthday Party IF:



Mexican Birthday Party )


Adopt one today!Adopt one today!Adopt one today!Adopt one today!


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