Man, I hadn't laughed that much in a while.

So, I was eating with my family in a big, chain restaurant here in Mexico when I find this on the menu.

"Tamales Downy"

I stared and stared at the title, trying to understand what in hell where the Tamales Downy when my sister just points out at a commercial on the television while saying something about "being an ass".
I turn around and see how the "Tamales Downy" are people with down syndrome.

For a while I just gaped at the title thinking just how inappropriate and offensive that sounded, and then I just started laughing hysterically.

Really? "Tamales Downy"?  I have no fucking idea what they where thinking...
We talk about everything, except photography.

Well no, we do try to talk about photography, but we say stupid things in the process (I blame my teacher)

Situation: Analyzing a Picture I took a year ago.

Teacher: Well, this is a good one. I like the colors, however it is a little blurred.
Me: Hey! I took this a year ago! (While trying to explain that back then I knew nothing about photography)
Teacher: So what, the pixels blurred with time?

Situation: Five minutes after discussing the effects time has over pixels. This time, analyzing a picture from another student.

Oh, good...are this pictures recent?
Student: Most of them, but this one, I took it last year.
Me: Oh my god! The Pixels aren't blurred, how did you did that?!

I love those classes, seriously.
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