Following my last post, this is the first movie I'll "review" .
Bear in mind this is, in no way, a serious review. It's just my opinion about the film. I'm not a critic or anything like that. I'm just someone who watches a lot of films.

La ley de Herodes


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I've come to realize that, in the course of an entire week, I watch three or four movies, sometimes even more.
As such, I can offer small and simple comments about it. I'm majoring in communications, and I think next semester I start with cinema, so I may have good reflections about the movie.
Right now, however, I can only offer some simple yet honest comments about each one of the movies I watch. So let's try this, after each movie I'll post a public entry that will be crossposted (as always) to livejournal. In this entry, I will share what movie I saw, why I saw it and other kind of things, just to keep track of what the hell I'm watching, and to try to have much more insight about what it dealt with. 
So yeah, that's what I'm going to do.

The format may change with time, but it's going to be something like this.

Movie Poster
Trailer or a Clip (if I can find it)
What is it about?
Why I saw it?
My thoughts about the film
My favorite scene.
What I liked
What I disliked

I'm going to start today, with a movie I will watch in a couple of minutes, and then I'm going update whenever I watch a new movie. Sounds good?
Let's see what I can get out of all this.


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