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( Feb. 4th, 2010 01:54 pm)
I like to write, most of the time just for my own enjoyment, bur write nonetheless.

I mostly write things about my original characters, and when I do it I always end up giving the same voice to everyone, which is obviously a fail.
I think it is because I haven't detailed the characters as well as I should; What they want, how they think, how they feel...I haven't really worked that with most of them.

Nacht would be one of the few exceptions. I really like the girl and I've managed to give her some personality traits different from any other characters...She is, somehow, more real than others.

That doesn't mean I write her a lot, because, truth to be told...I don't. Most of the time I write about her from other people view, not from her own.
So today, because I was bored I decided that Nacht should talk a little, just to let the girl stretch a little and let me know what she thinks, what she feels and what she wants to do. (Of course, it also helps me to practice my english a little)

So, here...Have Nacht talking about...well, whatever she wants.

To be honest I don't understand a lot of things... )


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