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 Because, I speak spanish and yes, it makes things easier when trying to learn italian..

Except when you keep thinking in spanish while trying to talk in Italian, then it's just hilarious.

Grandina  is not the same as Granadina no matter how much you want it to be.

Tiravento is Tiravento, not Paravento, Maravento, Jalavento, Awhahaaahhvento. (Or whatever-vento)

Sinistra is not Siniestra  because even if it actually sounds the same, Siniestra is a word in spanish used to describe something creepy or spooky (fem, though) not a direction.

"Come Alle 3" isn't Italian, is spalian for "Around 3" wich in spanish is "Cómo a las 3" and in italian is "vero 3" (I think)

La mia mamma   Is actually  my mother, nothing wrong with that... however try to avoid saying it when talking to a Mexican, because then it just means "Mine blows"

Screaming doesn't make you talk Italian.

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