Okay, pay attention.

I will explain what I did this weekend in three languages, Spanish, English and Italian.
Now, the spanish one will be the longest and most detailed, also it will have zero to a couple of mistakes.
English will be a little shorter, and it may or may not (I pray for the last one) mistakes.
Italian...well, I tried.


El fin de semana dos amigas y yo visitamos a mi familia en Pachuca. Viajamos mucho y comimos bastante, pero comimos bien. De hecho estoy segura de que mi dolor de estómago tiene algo que ver con eso. Viajamos de regreso en camión, pero se nos olvidó revisar el horario, por lo que terminamos viajando "de pie" en realidad me acosté arriba de el motor (O al menos arriba de el compartimento donde se encuentra el motor) y me quedé dormida. A medio viaje tuve la urgencia de utilizar el baño, pero estaba cerrado, por lo que con algo de desesperación le avisé al chofer, el cual insistía, enojado, que estaba abierto.
Tras mucho esperar, y cuando comenzaba seriamente a plantearme la posibilidad de hacer mis necesidades en una botella, logré abrir el baño (La puerta estaba atascada) y después logré volver a dormir.

Last weekend I went with two friends to pay a visit to my parents. We traveled a lot and ate even more, actually I bealive that is the reason my stomach hurts so much. Anyway, it was cool.
To return to Puebla we picked a bus, but there were no empty seats so we ended up without seats at all. I climbed up the place where the motor is storaged and managed to get some sleep. Right at the middle of the trip though I wanted to pee, so I pretty much begged the driver to open the bathroom, he said, quite angry, that it was open. So, after a while of trying I was seriously considering to do my stuff in a bottle, but dispair is a powerfull tool, and I managed to open the damn door, a feat no one had managed before. See what desperation does?
Anyway, after that I managed to sleep the rest of the trip, so it was pretty cool actually.

Due amice e io siamo ritornate di visitare  la mia famiglia il fine settimana pasato. Viaggiamo molto e mangiamos spesso e bene. Ho un mal di stomaco barbaro.
Siamo ritornatas in autobus, il viagge a siato molto stressante.

There, that is all I can say in Italian, so...kill me.

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