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2011-02-03 09:30 pm

About Young Justice

I'm watching the new episode, and god I laughed so hard I almost choke.

So yeah, some people are talking spanish. Despite the crappy accent of one of the guys, it's a decent Spanish. Then Bane talks, and it's even better, but then he says "You've got it" which is "Lo conseguiste" but what he said is something like "Lo conseeeeguiiiiteeeees" and that's just too hilarious for words.
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2011-02-01 09:17 pm


Today in Italian class the teacher made us watch this.

<iframe title="YouTube video player" class="youtube-player" type="text/html" width="425" height="349" src="http://www.youtube.com/embed/Bihutd_sOuI" frameborder="0" allowFullScreen></iframe>

And I couldn't stop laughing. I'm a bad person. (And a bad student because I laughed for an entire hour)
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2011-01-29 10:53 pm

I'll make a man out of you

I've been obsessively listening to this song. First in Spanish, then in English and then in Italian.

And by God, the song is ridiculously good in all three languages.

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2010-09-02 12:24 pm

The Cussing Experience

This is a little experiment I want to do. It will be in spanish, but for those who want to try it out, please feel free to participate.

Write a sentence you wish to see decorated with Mexican (and a couple of Spanish) swear words. Any sentence.
I will translate it and I will try to add all the cuss words I can think of, without taking coherence out of the word.


Sentence "I don't know a thing"

Translation "Yo no se nada"

Cuss Sentence  "Yo no se ni un puto carajo, chinga"

Translated Cuss Sentence "I don't know a fucking shit, damn"

For those who know spanish, notice how the phrase keeps the original intent. I didn't add anything that sounds out of place, and the sentence flows easily, almost like a song.

Now, for those who speak english. The sentence may have changed a little, but I'm not as familiar with swearing in English as I am in Spanish, so if you want to add a cuss word or correct something, just do it.

Let's go, give me sentences.
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2010-06-12 01:55 pm


Anyone knows a good way to practice my italian? I know I'm going to forget a lot of things if I don't practice it until I get back to classes, and it has been hard enough already.
(Well, it hasn't been that hard, but it has taken a lot of time and effort, so I'd like not to forget what I've learned.
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2010-04-16 01:04 pm

Italian vs Spanish (It amuses me)




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2009-11-14 01:56 pm
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Italian, you amuse me.

See. my pronunciation is fairly good...And I've already got the hang of...well, some stuff.
As it is, I think I can manage getting lost somewhere in Italy and not dying...too soon.

Actually no, but well, you can't expect much in less than four months uh?

My vocabulary though...that's...another story.

I managed to confuse the italian word Gonna With the spanish word Gonada wich means pretty much...well, Gonad

...That was an interesting moment.
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2009-10-26 12:39 pm

Spanish English Italian

Okay, pay attention.

I will explain what I did this weekend in three languages, Spanish, English and Italian.
Now, the spanish one will be the longest and most detailed, also it will have zero to a couple of mistakes.
English will be a little shorter, and it may or may not (I pray for the last one) mistakes.
Italian...well, I tried.

Behold! )

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2009-09-09 11:18 am

Italispanglish - A Italian, English, Spanish remix.

Adopt one today!Adopt one today!Adopt one today!Adopt one today!

 Because, I speak spanish and yes, it makes things easier when trying to learn italian..

Except when you keep thinking in spanish while trying to talk in Italian, then it's just hilarious.

Grandina  is not the same as Granadina no matter how much you want it to be.

Tiravento is Tiravento, not Paravento, Maravento, Jalavento, Awhahaaahhvento. (Or whatever-vento)

Sinistra is not Siniestra  because even if it actually sounds the same, Siniestra is a word in spanish used to describe something creepy or spooky (fem, though) not a direction.

"Come Alle 3" isn't Italian, is spalian for "Around 3" wich in spanish is "Cómo a las 3" and in italian is "vero 3" (I think)

La mia mamma   Is actually  my mother, nothing wrong with that... however try to avoid saying it when talking to a Mexican, because then it just means "Mine blows"

Screaming doesn't make you talk Italian.