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( Nov. 14th, 2009 10:55 am)
I rented The 40 year old Virgin.

I watched it without subtitles, because I'm cool like that.

Then my sister arrived and she wanted subtitles.

Somehow the subtitles ended up having nothing to do with the movie.

I mean...Really, nothing.

They were talking about a horse, and somehow in the subtitles there was something about a Chinese.

I mean...really.
See. my pronunciation is fairly good...And I've already got the hang of...well, some stuff.
As it is, I think I can manage getting lost somewhere in Italy and not dying...too soon.

Actually no, but well, you can't expect much in less than four months uh?

My vocabulary though...that's...another story.

I managed to confuse the italian word Gonna With the spanish word Gonada wich means pretty much...well, Gonad

...That was an interesting moment.
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( Nov. 14th, 2009 11:27 pm)
I've been watching the trailers for a while now, both in english and in spanish and there's something that bugs me in both.

First of all, the official trailer in english names the Mayan culture as "The Earliest Civilization"...which is, well, not true.

Not even close.

No, really, there's something really wrong about it.

And dear Jesus!! The spanish one!! What is wrong with you people?!
You are showing the Aztec Calendar! Aztec Calendar! ¡LA PIEDRA DEL SOL, MALDITA SEA! The Godamned Sun's Rock!

And you are talking about Mayans. Trust me, Mayans and Aztecs are two different cultures.

And you know what's worse you idiots? The Aztec Calendar isn't even a damned calendar, is just a monolithic representation of the ages, sun ages.

Really people, does this:

Looks anything like this?

Do Some Damned Research!!
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