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( Sep. 9th, 2010 08:31 am)
Let me clarify something: I'm not a patient person.

Sure, there are few things in this world that actually are problematic/offensive/disturbing or anything like that for me, so that may create the illusion that I'm patient, but I am not. Most of the time I just don't care enough to react to some situations.

That said, I try to be patient. I know I'm not perfect and that I can be mistaken as much as everyone else. I know. So, for the record, yes, I try to be as patient as humanly possible.

For those who don't know. I "own" a Zombie Survival RPG forum. Now, for those who have been on an RPG Forum before, you know people can be pretty...bitchy about almost everything. There are a lot of lay back users who won't really make a fuzz about anything not important. I love those guys, they are there, they follow rules, they offer advise and they pretty much enjoy themselves.

However, those are a minority. What I always end up finding is the bitchy users. People who don't have anything important to do and will proceed to say what's wrong with the forum. Don't get me wrong, that's amazing!. Please tell me what's wrong so we can improve.
This people won't do that. They will tell me what's wrong, they will offer a solution and as soon as I say "We will consider your advise" they assume that I said "Yes, I will make you mod and follow all of your commands".

That's bullshit people. Some users have given us amazing ideas, we are trying to apply them the best we can, but some people are never happy.
The forum uses a very simple system for role playing. You create a character, you create a theme and then another character answers you. That's a default for the forum.
There's this one user who wanted to change it. He wanted a narrator to narrate (duh) what was happening and for the users to react accordingly, kinda like a game master.
That's fine, really. I said "Okay, let's make this. Users are allowed to chose between the default mode and the narrator one" but no, he wanted the entire damned forum to follow the narrating system.

Really, people are bitchy.

And I know I'm being bitchy but I have the right to do it. I keep my temper in check when I'm on my forum, I do!

Also, the issue about time and history. I don't know why people need a completely detailed history. You can be part of a role game as long as you know the basics of the story. You don't need to be described step by step what the hell has been happening.

And really? Is it that different if the zombie infection was caused by natural causes/chemical warfare/medical purposes? The whole forum setting is located TWO YEARS after the peak infection. It doesn't matter what caused it, it matters for people to survive. And fuck! Zombies are zombies, why do they need to complicate things like this?




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