This girl has a point. You can't look down at others in order to accept yourself. You shouldn't judge others to feel better.
I've talked about this already in a past post. I realized I was being hypocrite for thinking of myself gorgeous while judging people that I, in some way, envied.

You can't.

You can't learn to love yourself by hating others. That's just another way of hurting, you are just reflecting what you don't like about yourself in others.

If you are fat and you don't feel okay with that, you can't mock think people and judge them by how they look under the false pretense of being concerned because "they don't eat".
If you are skinny and you want more curves, you can't make fun of fat people and criticize the way they look, again, under a false pretense of being concerned because "they eat too much".

The same goes for all kind of things. If you don't feel pretty you can't judge gorgeous people and say they are stupid. You can't feel better about yourself by laughing at someone who doesn't look like you.

Once you've learn that accepting others is a HUGE step of accepting yourself (And the other way around).
Once you've learn that people are people and what is important is what's inside and not outside.
Once you've learn to take your time to know new people, even if they make you feel insecure. To talk to them, to treat them as a person and not a menace or a reflection of your "faults":

That's when you learn to love yourself and others. To value people not as bodies but as human beings.

Today in self defense class I met the most gorgeous woman I've ever seen. She is tall, thin, blond, with great proportions and a beautiful face. She captured the eyes of men and women easily an everyone wanted to be around her.
I felt bad, wrong. I didn't liked to by in the same room as her.
Then she was teamed up with me. For a couple of seconds she was this gorgeous woman I didn't liked to see, nevertheless touch. After ten minutes of working as a team and helping each other up, I realized she is a fantastic girl. She's kind, humble and really damn smart. She knew way more than me and she was kind and patient.
After that, she was not just the gorgeous woman. She was a team member, someone I could trust. At the end of the class she was still gorgeous, but I was feeling okay because I knew that wasn't important. That she was way more than her looks, and I realized she feels the same way about me.


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