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( Aug. 11th, 2010 06:21 pm)
last cigarette / I don't smoke
last alcoholic drink / Wine, during a wine testing. I don't remember exactly what I drank.
last car ride / Uh, Monday.
last kiss / Like a month ago, or more.
last good cry / Good cry? "Is everyone Ok?" movie. I think....Small cry, "Despicable Me" movie.
last book bought / I bought like six different books, I won't name them all.
last book read / "A Dirty Job" Christopher Moore
last movie seen / "Despicable Me" (I think)  .... No, wait.  This one with Gerard Butler and Jennifer Aniston, I don't remember the name.
last beverage drank / Tea!
last food consumed / Fish!
last crush / Happened about an hour ago, one of my new teachers.
last phone call / ....Like an hour ago with my parents.
last tv show watched /   I can't even remember.
last shoes worn / Some...boots?
last song played / What's he's building? Tom Waits (Technically not a song)
last thing bought / Uh...a crepe.
last download / A fanmix about creepy stuff.
last soda drank / I don't drink soda that much, but I think it was coke.
last thing written / This.
last words spoken / Hello, to a mother of one of my roommates.
last ice cream eaten / ...Mint and Chocolate? Vanilla? Dunno.
last webpage visited / A Hentai forum I administrate.


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