See, sometimes I screw up. It's always by accident, obviously, but most of the time I can tell exactly why I screwed up, others not so much.
The thing is, I recently commented about an article in ontd_feminism about Text messages as a new weapon in dating violence with pretty much a "That's why I don't date, 'cause there are crazy people there"

Here, the comment

Now, I didn't say that with the intention to offend anyone, by "crazy people" I meant people that act crazy when dating, but judging by the comments I think I screwed up.
I've apologized already, but I feel kinda silly apologizing for something I don't understand that much. Sure, maybe what I said was wrong, but I just don't see why

That said, if three people I don't know are saying I screwed up they probably have a point, so I want to know, in words of people I actually know and trust, what I did wrong and how can I avoid doing it again.

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( Jun. 24th, 2010 10:49 pm)
And I find disturbing how easy it is to me to catch the damned Legendary pokemons?

Really? It's easy.

Maybe I'm just incredibly lucky, maybe my technique is good, whatever it is, I can catch a legendary in fifteen minutes or less, with a few exceptions.

A couple of months ago I caught two of the lake pokemon in less than twenty minutes, no big deal.
Lugia in twenty minutes, top.
Ho-Oh actually caused me troubles, but I got him at my third try.

I've just caught Mewtwo at the first try, in about fifteen minutes.

It's just...easy.

I do have trouble with the roaming pokes, but those fuckers won't stay in place...*sigh*

Now I'm going to catch the three legendary birds.


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