So, this is old and it's not the first time I see it.

It is, however, the first time I actually managed to read what the hell is happening, and it just made my day.

This is the funniest most random fight scene I've seen in my entire life.

Naked Fight!

You know what's hilarious?
Their expressions on the fourth page; They are clearly miserable, in pain and they are not enjoying their naked time.

It's awesome.

...You know what else is awesome?

Today a group of parents arrived to my dorms building to "check it out" and see if they'll leave their kids here.
They are now playing musical chairs and stuff outside my room. It's amusing.
That's easy:


It isn't the first comic I read as a child but it was one of my favorites; True, at that age I couldn't understand at all what was really happening there, I only focused on some of the dialogues that I understood, but that was great because I liked it nonetheless.
It is the one comic I actually read from the first to the last strip and I've been re-reading it once in a while; Now that I'm in college and I have a more critical mind and the knowledge of stuff that happened a while ago I can enjoy this comic strips even more.

So, for those who haven't heard of Mafalda before, I'll share a couple of things I've found.

Here for the pretty images! )

So, there you go!
That's Mafalda for you



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